We Are Getting Married

I met this guy on POF we started talking over the internet for a month or so and then we felt it was time to met face to face. we went on a date that didn't end until 12am, when we both had to work the next day. We just hit it off. That summer we never spent a day apart we had so much fun together, we were lost in love so we started dating and desided we would start our life togethre. we been together now for 3 yaers. we have a Beautiful 20 month old daughter and we are getting married this May, 2013. I just want to say thank you POF for helping my find my Fich :)
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So basically you got pregnant 7 months into dating and this guy by May 2013 took 32 months to figure out he needed to do the right thing? Good Luck with that. See you on POF as a single mom in the near future.


Lol...Good point!!!

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Brampton, Ontario

Marcus and his pof team eat *** for lunch

The site is designed for buns on seats. Its benificial for plenty of fish if you dont find someone on this site, so they make every effort to make sure there is constant disruption whilst using the site. If you complain, your ejected or like me banned. To be honest, Id rather any other site than this slice of garbage, designed by a guy that could not score in a brothal with thousand dollar notes hanging out of his pockets. Marcus looks like he fell from his mums backside and instead of a tap on his *** by the doctor, the doctor punched the *** out of his mum.
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Perth, Western Australia
New Reviewer

POF plenty of fish won't delete my account

My GF and I both have tried to delete our accounts off of POF to no avail. We both continue to get unwanted email and found our profiles to still be available to anyone on the site. I'm over it now so I'm going a different route to get my account deleted, removed, canceled, obliterated... Anything! It's just obnoxious to keep getting "look at your new matches... " when you Have repeatedly deleted your account via POFs "delete your account here" link!!!! They suck cow toes in this department!!!! Their claims of millions of users should be millions of virtual hostages!!!!
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I have seen your article and after reading this blog then we found some interesting information .and now come up my point of view how to delete POF account. POF account is not working then so for any help & support contact us. delete pof account delete pof account https://www.usatechblog.com/blog/delete-pof-account/


Funny every one else is having problems with Plenty of Fish deleting their accounts for no reason at all.Bunch of *** *** Markus and the company that owns pof "IAC Group"

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Nashville, Tennessee
Pof Profile

Plenty of fish

Plenty of fish is the worst dating service provided on the internet. The women don't want to chat. The woman won't return any messages. This is a rediculous site if a man is looking for a woman. It is really sorry that anyone should have to use this site to get a date. I guess the women are just to good for a real man. They just wanna play games and thats all. A word of advice guys, don't use this site.You are better off just looking on your own. Do not trust this site. If you wanna find a woman that's worth a ***, try a different site. You get what you pay for. Remember, this is free, so it's no wonder the site is as bad as it is.
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oh right like the guy are any better? the males are the worst--dumb angry bitter lunatics..they get rejected by 10 women then take it out on the female that DOESNT reject them...most males out there are psychopaths...so they deserve all the crazy women they deal with...POF is great for all these loser dumb *** evil males out there...males keep using it and keep getting screwed with like u deserve you pathetic pieces of sh*t...all men out there are sh*t...if you are a nice female they *** with you until you're mad, then when you reject them they chase you...then they get rejected. men are all mentally screwed up..they LIKE all the crazy women who reject them...worthless males...


Hardly a sane balanced view. No wonder men get tired of women on POF.

What an over reaction by a woman who clearly has significant psychological issues needing urgent treatment. I always wondered why so many women seemed to have negative image of men - now I know where the problem lies.

This dumb man-hater is so ignorant, she can't even see how her attitude continues to propagate the poisonous hatred she has for men. What a shame there are so many women like this on POF.

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Madison, Indiana
New Reviewer

They keep deleting and blocking me no reason

i did nothing wrong on singlesnet, same goes for plenty of fish, i think they don't want a real guy who isn't a player/cheater on their *** sites. it is just pure ridiculous and if you think I would pay for their *** sites you have really got to be on some kind of ***. *** bunch of folks...be smart and spread the word, they don't care about their customers, all they care about is $$$...thanks for reading my complaint. i are pissed...they want a bunch of girls on there who pay big bucks for their service, or I shouldn't even call it that, and they don't want them to find someone, that would mean they wouldn't need their joke of a dating site anymore. purely ridiculous. i am sick of them. i think i will start my own site that is way more user friendly and "truly" 100% free... which they all claim they are, they are a bunch of liars and thieves praying on people. thanks for reading.
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Plenty-of-Fish clearly has no intention of creating a genuine and good user experience. They are all making money. That's it. The site is full of fake memberships (some which look suspiciously created by the site owners) and women who are attention-seekers, or jaded older women holding out for the perfect hunk.

If you complain about it, they will just delete your membership and if possible, ban you from creating a new one (although, why would you???)

The Forums are clearly biased towards man-bashing (not a surprise considering the moderator is a man-basher herself)

If you are looking for a serious relationship, go to a real site, or better yet, just go out into the real world and do it the old fashioned way.

Plenty of Fish is the worst thing that could happen to online dating.

Search the web for complaints about how much Plenty of Fish Sucks. All those people can't be wrong.


da niggas got me too, son


I agree there are some weird ones on there and some married ones! Glad you are safe buddy!

Thanks for commenting on my post.



I dont know why they keep blocking me even people i have never talk before i do know i met a girl that said that she was single n the second time i went her husband show up n he said if i ever go there again he was going to kill me n even the policehave a record of that

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Washington, District Of Columbia
New Reviewer

*** Plentyoffish..................

I RECENTLY GOT DELETED ON PLENTY OF FISH AFTER I HAD MY ACCOUNT FOR A YEAR OR TWO AND DECIDED TO WRITE TO THEM ASKING WHY IF IVE BEEN ON THERE THAT LONG WHAT WAS THE PROBLEM THAT THEY HAVENT COUGHT ON WHEN I FIRST MADE THAT ACCOUNT SO HERE IS WHAT DUMB *** ''ROBIN'' HAD TO SAY IN AN EMAIL........... Hello, Thank you for taking the time to email POF.com. After a recent review of your account and activity on POF.com, we have decided to close your account. We will not disclose specific details regarding your account’s closure. Most commonly, account closures are a direct result of a violation of our Terms and Conditions regarding misrepresentation of personal information. We may also close an account due to complaints about your correspondence, profile content, or for any other reason as stated in our Terms and Conditions. If you would like to review our Terms and Conditions, you may do so by clicking on the following link: I HAVE NEVER VIOLATED THERE DUMB *** TERM OR GAVE THEM A MISREPRESENTATION ON ME LIKE MOST PEOPLE ON THERE WHO ARE *** AND TRANNIES!!ITS A *** DATING SITE AND THEY LET THEM COME ON WTF
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I just got booted after 4am this morning. Tried logging in with new email address and new details, a few different times with different details and email addy's.

Each time after about 10 minutes, kicked out. Not sure if they are banning by IP address or what. Sucks, cause I lost contact now with several women I had been chatting with for months! I was also a PAID subscriber.

I did have other profiles, tho, and I do understand that is in violation, but what the ***.. that whole site is a total scam. It happens all the time with others using fake profiles to scam into adult web cams and such. I NEVER did that with mine.

I had two others that were ME, cause my paid one had problems and I ran out of the meet me feature, so I created other profiles to get fresh results. It was also a test to see which profile descriptions and pictures as defaults worked the best. I'd have both logged in at the same time, and one would get more interest than the other... Either way, I know what I did, but now have NO ability to create a new profile..

I've tried, even with different computers and internet providers..

they must be pretty smart to be able to block me... Even tried all different details as it wasn't even me.


they just booted me too, for no reason , the people who run the site are *** Dou*hebags , any other suggestions for free dating sites?email me with info please , im so done with POFmike_buckoski@***.com


****Caught on.

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Henderson, Nevada
Pof Profile
Attention Law Enforcement and Regulators: POF may be knowingly allowing minors to sign up and use their site. The member colorguardlvr22 has an online profile which states that the member is 20 years old. But in an email, user states that they are 16. POF was...
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Dear sir. I dont mean to bust your bubble.

But those are cops out there lying to the public as they are looking for more people to fill the prisons with.

Do you realize those offenders are those the prisons focus on because .....they never fight or cause problems. While the others fight, cause problems, run gangs and makes the guards have a harder day than the meek would create.

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Tampa, Florida
Pof Online Dating
New Reviewer
Woman Beware. Don't become a statistic!!!! Plenty of Fish apparently does not screen anyone. Chatted online and spoke numerous times with a man, we were going to set up a meeting, and of course I would never meet someone without knowing if they are for real or not. So...
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Ad a similar experience..... the man beat me, was a closet alcoholic and had several woman....and pof was warned and did not take him down!

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Estero, Florida
Pof Online Dating
New Reviewer


I was chatting and talking on the phone and internet with a man, of course seemed to have all the right things to say, we had decided to meet. Before meeting anyone I needed to check him out, it ended up he was using a fictious name, along with that he said he lived in one city, when finding he lived in another. When I called him out on it, he told me I had issues. All I have to say is Ladies Beware. Always check them out before meeting up with them. Protect yourself don't be a statistic!
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I met two psychos they were liars just wanted one thing one was on parole this dites full of liars who need to find god


ihad a profile awhile back under hms39 that i deleted. but someone put up my pics and made a profile which is a Guy and this person is talking to guys and curses them. out giving me a bad name i have complained and nothing is done he gets on then hides it very sad


this guy robert sharp he has a facebook his picture shows him wearing a black jacket he is married and he went by the name terry and john and jersey boy he is on all the dating sites scamming women and telling them he is seperated when he isnt so he can gain access to sex someone needs to help me stop this creeper put something out there even a facebook page to stop creepers on dating sites look him up on facebook aka as bob he lives in nj


All of those dating sites are a risk to use, a person can say any lie they want to. Its up to you to be careful who you decide to contact with.

Any man who says he's my soulmate because I'm so beautiful gets no reply. If you love someone for their beauty is shallow (I do look good) lol but seriously you can't blame the sites for not being able to check out everyones lie.

I thought I couldn't do any worse online than I have in person till I saw what they had to offer in men my age. :cry


Attention Law Enforcement and Regulators:

POF may be knowingly allowing minors to sign up and use their site.

The member colorguardlvr22 has an online profile which states that the member is 20 years old. But in an email, user states that they are 16. POF was notified. 24 hours later, the account is still active.

I used dating sites when I was 16, but I'm a guy. Do you have any idea how dangerous dating sites can be for a 16 year old girl?

A second warning was sent to POF approximately 24 hours later informing them that if they did not act diligently that the media would have a field day with this. POF needs members? They seem more desperate than any of the degenerates who use their site. POF has already been caught using the pictures of deceased service members in their ads. Remember - POF is a Canada based company. They have no loyalty or respect for the United States of America, our laws, our values or our way of life. Their actions have proven this time and time again.

I don't know they do things in Canada Marcus, but in the United States of America this kind of b.s. is frowned upon. Stop knowingly letting minors use your site. At least create a separate section just for them. That would be a fair compromise, because what 16 year old doesn't like to date? I was scouring for chicks on Yahoo when I was 16. Let them do what they are going to do, but let them have their own, safer section. Refuse to do the right thing, and you just wait and see I will send an avalanche of resistance your way.

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Estero, Florida
Pof Online Dating

POF.com (Plenty of Fish) Dating Site

I have grown weary with with the lies and deceipt of the online dating communities across the world. They have proven to be the biggest guise for greed, arrogance, deception and falsehoods about what it really takes to be in a genuine relationship with someone. The majority of the people who create online profiles on the dating sites are nothing less than a bunch of selfish individuals, who look for too much perfection, monetary significance, and egotism in a potential life partner. It has proven that people set way too high personal standards regarding what they seek in a life mate. They are into all of the television, media and interpersonal lies that are portrayed to the mass population. People either forgot how to think for themselves or they simply became so foolish and selfish, that they don't care about anyone else but themselves anymore. The New-Age marketing techniques used to exploit the minds and emotions of human beings nowadays, has played a significant part in shaping what we witness today in dating (especially online dating). It is extremely sad how idolizing appearances and facades intrigue the minds and hearts of people to the point where they lose simple human ideals and values. The online dating communities nowadays harbor the lost people who set extremely unfair and overrated standards for their potential mate. There are attractive females, who only look for flashy men with money (whether they are attractive or not). The majority of the attractive women in the online dating scene also wait for guys who present ***, childish and egotistical pick-up lines to get their attention... all based on negative traditions carried on for generations. It is not to say that many men are not guilty of nonsense also. Most men seek females with cute faces and nice butts, who are naive and who play like they're innocent, but who are ready to put out for a nice night out or with the right BS talk and deception (sad but true). I have witness hundreds of female online dating profiles on POF.com and other dating sites, where they claim to want to be with a good man, yet when they are approached by a genuinely good man, only seeking to take them up on their offer to be with someone who they will love and who will love them, they ignore the attempts or play the men out behind the scenes with their friends or family and make a game out of it. Meanwhile, truly loving, attractive and genuine people are sincerely trying to meet a good person online to spend their lives with because they feel so lonely in such a selfish world. I have also witnessed cases where unattractive, overweight and sloppy females go online and assume that just because a good, attractive man goes online to find love, that they would be interested in them. Those types of unattractive females make it a bad situation for the men who don't want to simply tell those types of females like it is and put them in their place... Those females cannot land a man through traditional dating and/or meeting men, so for some strange reason, they think that will change online. Then, those same types of females get angry at the world because they chose to be sloppy and become overweight by eating too much and feeling sorry for themselves, while not even trying to lose weight. Those types of females don't take any consideration in how they look on the outside, when we live in a world where people idolize appearance of another human being regardless how messed-up of a person he or she truly is on the inside. People have been brainwashed to think like this for generations and some people just can't help but follow the trend or end up feeling lonely and hopeless... I have experienced all of the aforementioned to the utmost on POF.com (PlentyofFish.com), as they have been around for quite some time. Unfortunately, POF.com only tricks guys into thinking that by upgrading to a paying membership (since you start out with a free one), that you will be quickly and thoroughly exposed to attractive females who are genuinely looking for a loving relationship with a simple man. Their gimmick is that the upgrade is BS and you don't get anymore exposure then you would as a free member. Also, you still have to deal with the BS female profiles like I described above. The attractive females who show on the site are mostly inactive, arrogant, egotistical, looking just to play games with innocent men to make themselves feel more attractive, or probably already found someone (whether through POF.com or not) and never deleted their profile because POF.com doesn't give you a clear option to do so. Most dating websites at least give you the option to delete or remove your account, whereas POF.com seems to leave this feature out for some reason (or make it well hidden), so that it looks like they have a ton of members to choose from. In fact, many online dating websites use this deceiptful tactic to trick unsuspecting people into joining and eventually upgrading. But... the ultimate gimmick on POF.com, is that females get to join and communicate FOR FREE and they make the men pay... This gives females who join their site the perfect opportunity to show just how spoiled, arrogant and egotistical they really are. The majority of the women on POF.com have no real initiative of meeting the men who join only to experience their nonsense. They simply think that all they need to do is post a profile of them looking cute and waiting for men to chase after them, so they can play the numbers game of "process of elimination" and be unfairly and overly-selective in choosing to communicate with a man who would think they are wonderful and a good match, after reading their profile and the facade BS that the women post. The ***-artists at POF.com have some nerve in operating they way they do (just like the tons of other online dating websites). I remember years ago when they first started, they actually had a phone number to call for Customer Service. Now, they just money-grind like the majority of dating sites out there, who's only focus is to trick men into spending their money by "upgrading" for a bunch of unworthy and selfish females. And, once you pay for that upgrade, they try to claim, "No refunds," but if they don't refund your money, they are subject to fraud and can easily be sued. They are a registered business after all. Make sure to always check if a dating website is an actual registered company before you risk throwing your money away. Make the fraudulent and money-grinding online dating entities take full responsibility for the lies and deception that they promote to consumers. This is the only real weapon for innocent people who truly want to have a loving relationship in this crazy world full of a bunch of arrogant, selfish and egotistical people, who must think that their behaviors are somehow justifiable. The lack of genuine love and "down-to-earth" relationships creates some real turmoil in the world, aside from everything else there is to deal with in life. I hope people start to wake up very soon... A good start would be to stop feeding into the falsehoods of New-Age media, marketing and lifestyles and definitely stop being followers (like those who think Reality TV is genuine human entertainment). There are genuine New-Age things out there, but they certainly are not publicized in mainstream media, and if they are, then do your research and find out the truth about them on your own. Also, be sure to think twice before you buy some subliminal about loving yourself or attracting the perfect mate because you have no idea what those types of programs are actually imbedding into your mind. They could actually be shaping your mind into selfish thought-patterns. I have learned that nothing good comes from being selfish, but unfortunately, too many of the world's population already fell for that trap and refuse to change for the better. I hope that at least some are enlightened by what I have shared this day and turn themselves around for the better. I did go off of subject a little, but it all relates to how people have a tendency to think in the online dating communities. I have come to realize that one of the best ways to experience love is to be open-minded, to be willing to love someone who genuinely loves you (if there's attraction of course and not based upon egotism) and to be willing to work at a real relationship (with love and personal growth) without all of the drama (high expectations) about sex and what someone can do for you... Also, just a suggestion to the attractive women who might read this and disagree because you are in denial... you might want to think twice before you look for a man who can satisfy your selfish desires... it's not all about money, muscles, flash, hype or a big *you know what* (whether some magazine or women support group told you that or not)... and if you continue to think that way, don't be surprise if your body is found stuffed in some suitcase and tossed in a river because you chased after the flashy, trendy, money-man with some clout and a big *you know what* or exercised your ego to the point of going for what other foolish and selfish women want and pushing aside the loving and genuine man who would truly love and appreciate you... If you are unsure, then learn patience and learn to be a better judge of character nowadays and stop following media hype, magazines, blogs and falsehoods that only promote the ratings of the networks that produce it. Overall, women get with program and stop thinking a relationship is all about sex and certainly realize that you have no real control over men just because you have a body part that men desire... Get over yourselves and stop using online dating communities to stroke your selfish egos. Also, POF.com needs to promote better services to prevent a bunch of liars and deceivers to use their site as a tool to mix with loving and genuine people, who really want a relationship and not be into traditional dating anymore because of all of the drama behind it. I used to feel bad for how women have been mistreated throughout history and/or neglected by men in the past, but now I have come to better understand why women can oftentimes get treated as poorly as they do by their men. Women need to take a step back and learn to choose the right man (instead of the flashy and trendy man with money) and love him with all of their heart... like in the "good ol' days..." I guess online dating and the way women behave nowadays, is like a karmic vengence of women who experienced bad relationships in the past. However, vengence solves nothing and only creates a vicious life cycle for the people involved. So, again ladies, get over youselves and be the loving, nuturing, supportive and wonderful creatures God made you to be... I certainly understand how tough women have experienced life throughout history, but revolution allows so many a better experience in life and many women (especially within the United States) have been given great opportunities to be so much better in today's world.
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What I take from your past is that you're superficial, you have preconceived expectations that hot girls are supposed to be attracted to you, and you've basically generalized and marginalized everyone online. Can't imagine why you have problems... Sometimes you really should look within to see what can be improved.


Crock of old ***. Not denying you genuinely feel this way but that could easily be a womens view on the men too.

Truth is both parties are guilty.any egotistical men posting pics of their ***, using good women for sex and pretending they want a relationship. And how offensive to say an "unattractive girl" does not deserve a "hot guy" you're basically saying men are shallow not all are. I know plenty of average chicks with hot guys they met of pof. It takes more than looks to make a relationship.

Men should also wise up and choose the good woman not the miss flashy *** that takes all their money and is just there for the ego boost and to ne arrogant like you said. Yet you're still chasing those arrogant hot chicks....why? It is a double edged sword and the things you're saying about women men are doing too.

"average men" chasing "hot chicks" then complaining only "ugly chicks" message them and all the "ugly chicks" think they can talk to them....see ? Double standards.


Lol you're crying because hot girls won't accept you for "who you are as a person" and what you "genuinly" have to offer because they prefer tall hot guys with money, yet you acted the exact same as the women you're complaining about with your comments about fat chicks! Its a double edged sword baby; if you disregard people based on preference then you can't be mad at those that disregard you based on preference.

You don't get to dictate what those preferences are just like no one can dictate to you what yours should be. Enjoy being cockblocked


Well said! This guy whinning is full of ***!

He says that people only care about the appearance of other people than goes on to diss fat women. Telling them to loose weight.


Several years ago, I met a very funny 'man' on POF. He never posted a picture, yet his intelligent & hilarious emails/letters reeled me in.

At that point, I didn't really care what he looked like, as his online personalty said it all.

We spoke for 6 months, then finally met. He had a stocky build, rather strange square head, topped with perfectly coiffed, parted on the side plastic hair .. YET, I looked past that & kept telling myself, this is the man who emailed you every night, without fail, & made you laugh!!!!

don't be ***!! Look past it!!! I kept telling myself, this guy was something special. Blockhead and all.


To make a long story short, we met at a restaurant, where he acted like a complete ***/child/fool/***. Loud, obnoxious, arrogant, and rude. He acted such a fool, all eyes were on us. I was in disbelief.

Well, to make a long story short. I saw him a few more times after that. I have no idea why. Maybe I was in disbelief, maybe my brain tumor was growing back.

I was really hoping something would change him into the lovely man who emailed me for the past 6 months. (yes, in hind-site, It looks as though I was desperate & you're probably right.)

Then the reality - just as I was going to dump him.. he cracked some unfunny joke, out of the blue, he proceeded to pull down his pants. :?

That's when I found out he had no visible 'male parts', not even a AAA battery!! ..no female parts either.

Then it all came together..he acted like a D.I.C.K, to make up for the d.i.c.k he lacked!!! *slaps head* Yeah, that was it for me. I should have known better, knowing that he was 45, never married, and still lived with his mom.

Since then, I questioned my sanity & stayed off dating sites completely. :x My smartest move yet, as I'm now remarried to a normal, funny man, and life is super good.


OMG if you didn't live in the UK, I would say, we have met the same man! :?

:cry :eek :x perhaps we did!

Surely there cannot be 2 of them in this world! :upset


There have been studies showing that women are far more selective online than they are in person, while guys are similarly selective online and in person. I won't go into why this is because there are a lot of unproven theories...but I'd say try not to take online dating so seriously and talk to people in real life! I know it can be hard - as someone who has always been shy - but it can be done.

To delete an account, click on "help" at the upper right corner.

Most folks, both guys and gals find online dating to be a frustrating experience whether it is problems with the site itself or its users. I did meet some cool girls on these sites once in a while...but mostly it is a waste of time.


IN the two years I have been on and off (get disguised) with the clientele, meet for coffee and sex that is pretty much the theme of these old men on that website, I have not met anyone who was sincerely looking for a relationship


Maybe, I might agree with the way that POF conducts business. But let me remind you that there are still women out in this big world of ours that aren't just looking for looks and big wallets!

I was a member and all that happened, was that I was decieved by men!

Liars and cheats. So, before you go on and on about women, maybe you should check yourself!


I have to agree, I had never ever been on an online dating site myself, however, everything that I wrote about my self on my profile was the truth...every word.. why bother lying??

how can one even begin to start a relationship with someone whether it be friendship or something more on the preface of lies?... I couldn't....and my female intuition was right on the mark... his picture was old, his age stated 47 , he was 55. ( that's a big jump in my eyes) and if he could lie about that, what else was he lying about?...

I began to really care about this guy because he was a real gentleman, never asked me for anything ( we only talked online) one red flag !! but something was just not adding up...

well the end result was I was left broken hearted ... but the fact remains he still lied ...

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Lyndhurst, New Jersey
New Reviewer

Plentoffish dating site

When I first put a profile on it was fine but things have changed its like a user site noone is for real. The men lye about everything. I even had one tell me thats what he is hear for. He showed me alist of names and numbers from the site he has of women he just uses for his own demeans. That this is what all site like this is for. No one takes them serious. I believe that they need to revamp the site and make sure all players male and female are not here.. I dont believe that they take pride in there site any longer either. It has gone to the dogs.
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I use it all the time and I can't complain. A great way to find new prey. :grin


Just amazing as I read through these comments and have written a few myself on the right side of my screen, it is all ads for datings sites. I hit ignore and here comes a web page of 20 yr.

old model looking women. You just cannot get away from it!


I deleated my profile on this site after a man I recognized from the sex offenders list( a rapest) repeadidly tried to invite me to secluded areas.


The problem is that all the fish smell like tuna.


Don't use the dating sites anymore.

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Toledo, Ohio
Pof Profile
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PlentyofFish, LotsofCrap (for users

The following is a (mostly) objective review of PlentyofFish.com, written by a 24 year-old former user with reference to a sample of users ages 20-29 observed for approximately five months. The reviewer has been described as "very good-looking;" one user described the reviewer as the "cutest (*insert gender here*) on the site." I joined PlentyofFish.com because, to be perfectly honest, I've had my nose to the academic grind for the past six years, and am now, post-graduation, finally getting back into the swing of social life. I thought PlentyofFish.com, and internet dating in general, might provide a fun and easy way to meet new singles, and make, at the least, some new friends. This is what I observed. In general, profiles were poorly constructed; most users in my age range (20-29) wrote an average of one paragraph (5-7 sentences) of self-description, and said descriptions were generally riddled with unattractive grammar errors (e.g., "hi my name is ____ i like too party and chil with my friends sound good? plz write"). Of the few extended, more well-written profiles, most were arguably narcissistic, and subsequently as unappealing. In general, extended content offered insight only into users' opinions of themselves (as opposed to specific likes, dislikes, experiences, etc.); proper grammar correlated with verbosity. Curiously, these profiles were generally accompanied by a primary photo in which the user was not smiling. Regarding content, most profiles were strikingly similar, although this is likely a consequence of their general brevity. Most common likes included "going out," and "having fun." Most users expressed partiality to activities involving alcohol consumption. Most users were unsure of their reason for joining the site. Younger users (30) were more likely to present a multidimensional self-characterization. Many users, male and female, plainly state "no creepers," etc. Many female users report receiving multitudes of sexually explicit and otherwise upsetting messages from male users, including photos of genitals and requests for sex. After numerous conversations with users, I can say with some confidence that male users with appropriate intentions may be greatly outnumbered by male users with inappropriate intentions. In general, approximately 50-75% of users of both sexes appeared noticeably unhealthy. Female users most often presented photographs taken from a peculiar angle in which the user looks demurely up toward the camera held by the user above herself at arms length. The user's forehead and eyes appear greatly enlarged. The resultant photo resembles a space alien or toddler. Male users seem to think a picture is a picture; a photo of their nostrils' interior might as well "do the trick." The reviewer is pleased to note that s/he spoke with at least two superlative users over 30; however, the reviewer is 24, and does not feel inclined to date users older than 30. Overall, with respect to users under 30, the site appears to be loaded with half-assed, often unappealing profiles written by individuals who a). would, honestly, rather be meeting people the old-fashioned way, b). seek mass adulation, and/or c). are already profoundly skeptical of online dating, none of which is conducive to establishing a single, worthwhile relationship via online dating. Thus, I cancelled my profile, and am now pursuing more traditional, actively social means of meeting friends and potential dates. In conclusion, based on the sample observed, the reviewer cannot recommend PlentyofFish.com for users under 30 who seek serious relationships. The reviewer might suggest that young singles continue to do what they have always done: get off the computer, volunteer, go to a church, go dancing, build a network of like-minded people who will introduce you to other like-minded people, and meet Mr./Miss Right face-to-face, in a context that you will both remember with fondness.
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I met my wife on plenty of fish, and I am right at 30. I did meet some women, that were lacking in decorum and personality.

I went into this web site just to meet people and perhaps find a date. I was a some what skeptical, because this young lady was only 19 and I was 26, but four years later I am happily married to her. As far as the education level, it does tend to vary.

I am a college graduate and my wife will be graduating this semester. I work in the Tech field and I blame the "simple framework" on bad web site developing, thus leaving users with some bland profiles.


I will say I, too, had to read thru 100s of profiles, go an several bad dates..to find a guy I really liked..no sparks-but found a really great friend. Went thru another 100s of profiles...again--some really bad dates.

Finally found a great guy...funny thing-we already knew one another...our daughters are best friends. And yet never really knew the other was interested. Never took the time to find out.

POF has the same amount of duds as any other site.

The same jerks you'd meet in a bar or at a party. You just have to *** them out-there are some really great goys and gals there.


I used plenty of fish and found my husband and I am under 30. Yes I had to go through some *** before I found a great guy.

I am an Marketing manger and my husband is an lawyer. Not everyone on that site is only about going out for a drink.

There are some people that actually have lives and hobbies. I found this site had real people not fakes and liars like the paid date sites.

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it happen again , I went on plentyoffish.com . they had no listing for my kind aka hermphrodite entersexed , and low and behold after im chating on there site a guy asked me to send him pictures of me and I thought he was realy entrested in me , so I sent him my picture ,and today I tryed to sighn into plentyoffish.com there was no record of me on there , the scammer email adress is jazz_manuel@***.com . he,s a socalled 50 year old hispanic man in lake wood california . My best adice I can give anyone out there is stay of plentyoffish.com and warn your friends and family.
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I can read the post just fine . You have to be real *** to not be able to read them .

My lover Sumtingvewywon would agree with me on that . We are homosexuals so it does not matter .


Paisley. You are an ***.You are a stalker .

It wouldnt surprise me if you are with the west borro babtist church .So obcest with other people sexual preffrence or faith.

The one person in the world you and your kind are so afraid of ,you have to stalk and herras just becouse this one person is better than you in every way. Shame on you and your fallowers


Paisley . You are such a MORRON.

There is nothing wrong with hottgirl001"s comment. You need to take some time for yourself .I see many mistakes on your comment. Look at yourself befor making fun of others.

It will make you a better person. Not as good as hottgirl001 but you might come close


Please, please, please proofread your entry. There were so many mistakes, ranging from grammatical to spelling errors, that it made your comments hard to read.

Not only that, it makes you look....well, not very bright. I know you can do better than that!


I agree, Paisley. There are so many posts entered on web sites these days that seem to be written by someone with a third grade education.

When I see "entrested" written, my mind has to juggle it around to read "interested". Same for"tryed" and "tried".

After a while of trying to figure out what the person is really trying to say I just give up. It's not worth the effort.


Stay in school and you might be able to read . Or maybe have your mommy read them to you .

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Wake Up! Everybody!!

All Dating sites, better known as sex sites are just that and it is all about the money. These rip-off artists spend all their time trying to figure out new ways (lies) to get you to join and they do put fake profiles and sexy pictures of women to entice the Men. Then to get off these sites is a act of Congress! It amazes me how all of you keep feeding all these sites filled with married people, not to mention people in so called relationships already, with one partner being kept in the dark, then again maybe not....I find that women are catching up with men in that department. All these sites are geared to protect the quilty.....more money that way! In my oppinion Singlesnet is one of the worst dating sites and should be labeled a sex site.....Men profile themselves as looking for a serious relationship, then you meet in person and basically get propositioned....."Your place or mine", but to be honest I find that to be the case on all of them.
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The dating sites are a lie. I met up with a *** who had promised a lunch date and all he did was buy be tea and he drank water.

I was so embarrased, but I played along. I have closed my profile and I will never try dating like this again.


I met this german guy named andy on plentyoffish profile id is andy12345a who is a evil player. I think he is either married or has a girlfriend and used the dating site to use me and probably other women for sex to cheat on her.

He lied to me about his intentions and he always called blocking his phone number from showing and was very secretive about everything.

Plentyoffish does not screen these guys at all. I was conned by this andy12345a into thinking I would get love but all I got was scammed into some crummy lame sex by a predator.


Look, anything you do online should be done with caution. You can't tell me you HONESTLY trust the www?

Come on! It's a huge place for a bunch of people to lie and steal, and it should be looked at as more of a sitcom and taken very lightly.

Do you honestly think everyone out there looks like Pam Anderson and sits home alone on a Saturday night??!! Do you believe EVERYTHING you read??!!


How do you know so much of these dating sties. If you use them you are just as pathetic as those that post pictures. Are you so lonely that you need to find a date online.?

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