Brandon, Florida
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My account was deleted from POF. I have done nothing to violate the rules of the site or etiquette.

No warning was given to let me know, in fact, I was beginning to think I had found a person of interest. Then the page goes blank. I reload the page and it gives me the sign on page, so i go through this and it says no account in database. ?

I tried to find an administrator or at the least a contact email. I finally did and explained in the email my problem and asked for help. I have received no contact or response. If this is an example of good internet business, I recommend they find better leadership or at the least learn how to operate a business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pof Account.

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Natasha, at POF, closed my account! Retired Bank Executive, believe me, I almost married a married a man I met on POF....

Successful business man...- oops! Did not divulge he had manny bankruptcies!!!!! Is that not misrepresenting yourself? Yet, Natsha emails I am closed out of POF...

Natasha, right now I can and will set you up with the men that you have continued allowed to misrepresent them on your dating site!

Care to take the challenge????


Natasha at POF basically accused me of fraud. As a twice breast cancer survivor, I only requested a

copy of the profile poem I had composed before my diagnosis.

I just wanted a copy!

Natasha at POF accused me of fraud! I have repeatedly sent emails to To no avail!

Ladies, Do Not waste your time on POF.

This site has men who presents photos of nice looking men of 20 years ago!!

Natasha of POF, you should contact me. Defamation of Character


The email gets you nowhere but a generated email..Maybe something will get resolved.It appears that alot of people are having same issue so maybe MR. Finder will realize that if alot of people keep getting deleted from his site he has created he is only taking money from site..He makes his millions by advertisement and over period of time all members will be deleted and so will his funds..That business decision makes no sense to me but maybe that thought hasnt crossed his mind.. The more he deletes accounts,,has no way to complain and get honest response, people cant dispute money issues..all this combine is bad deal so surely its a flaw in system..if not I see POF going belly up by its creator..Markus fix the issue :upset


I agree on making a lawsuit against them.


This happen far too often to many people... It did happen to me as well...

Not only they delete people profiles but they are also censuring peoples messages... They read what we write... What is between 2 adult people should remain private...

Its like open peoples letters, its a pure violation of privacy!!! Lets start collect people details and make a joint complain and lawsuit against this scam of dating site!


...lets create the PWP - Pissed With Pof lobby to close down this scam of site!


I can't guarantee they will respond, but it's the only way to contact them


Same thing happened to my profile! I even made a new profile and spent 30 minutes filling out all the info.

When I clicked on something it took me to the sign in page and I was no longer able to sign in. I have no idea what's going on and I can't even find a contact email to complain.

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