Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

After being on Plenty of Fish for two days, I decided to become a paid member on 06/30/13. A big mistake.

And took notice immediately after of changes that began happening to my profile.

I was unable to access most of the paid upgrade membership perks. And the company was purposefully NOT following its own rules and policies. And forget about getting a helpful response from customer service. I began doing some research of complaints. And with each one I read, it only got worse.

I noticed tons of victims of Plenty Of Fish which does have the “Perfect Bait.” I'm not alone.

Victims attempting to look for love on a site that blocks both paid membership and unpaid memberships, for NO apparent reason.

Scamming unsuspecting victims of their money.

To past members who found out that Markus Frind allows his goons to post fake profiles with the pictures of those victims who were abruptly locked out of the site. And can't get back in to protest removal. Having to be told by others their pictures are still actively on line without their knowledge or permission.

As I cautiously read and reread the polices to be sure to keep my profile from being one of those deleted and blocked from reentering. I noticed that my profile pictures kept being deleted.

Each one clearly showing the face of the profile user. Myself. A stipulation of the policy.

It was impossible to determine what was acceptable and what was not. As I had already heard about the random termination of profiles that don't abide by their rules. NONE of my pictures went against policy. Although I received many profile visits from users who did go against policy showing bare midriffs, non face pics, nude pictures of bodies, and genitals parts inappropriately dancing across my screen by non-paid members. With every attempt to flag these profiles and report each and every infraction nothing was done to correct it. I then noticed that my emails were being monitored.

On more than one occasion my return emails to other members would disappear before my eyes.

With the thousands of unpaid members that should have been monitored, I was being monitored carefully each and every day of the 4 days I had a paid membership. Careful not to infringe on policy.

Taking notice that my whole profile was constantly being rearranged differently every time I returned.

I realized that the profile that I created was NOT MY PROFILE. I requested help again.

In the mean time, I gathered as much information of support that I could get my hands on, including dates, times, billing numbers, address, examples, etc. etc. Unfortunately, other dating sites are sister sites to POF who practice the same actions. Scam money from unsuspecting victims and terminate your account.

Two days later, I received a threatening email from Markus Frind that I would only be reminded once for uploading pictures that did NOT have my face displayed clearly. And I responded by requesting information of how to get my money back. As I no longer wanted to be a member of a site that DOES NOT follow its own rules and policies, being selective to which profiles could and which profiles couldn't continue their membership. And that I would dispute the transaction with my credit card company and advocate the Better Business Bureau continuously about the site, until someone hears me.

I removed any pics that were left, and all information and left a Thank You, POF on my bare profile, before responding to his email. Eagerly watching and waiting to see how long it would take him to lock out yet another paid member. It didn't take long. He terminated what was left of my profile AND took my money on July 4th, 2013. Four days later. As long as Markus Frind is paid, he doesn't care who he scams. And has gotten away with it long enough.

I will continually advocate every day and every week for as long as it takes, until POF is Shut Down permanetly for those who don't have a voice as well as for myself. POF must be terminated just as the owner has terminated us. A Class Action Suit Is In Order. With NO plans to stop until it happens.

For All Scammed Former POF Users: Please file a claim with your BBB to have you're voice heard for your own piece of mind. Paid or unpaid members.

(Speak and be heard.)

Plenty Of Fish Media, Inc. 2625 555 W Hastings St Vancouver, BC V6B 4N5 - Headquarters.(A Canadian Co.)

Product or Service Mentioned: Pof Membership.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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onelonelywoman57 markus why did you delete my profiles off of pof for .that just show that you isn't nothing but a scammer take peoples money anddelete them and not give their money back .you isn't nothing but a low down son of ***


with all the hackers,,wish i knew how,,, what can't anyone find a email address to this so called Markus Frind???then bombard his pitty *** mailbox???

i too am filing with the BBB. he has taken too much of my money..


My account vanished today as I was using it - email exchange with another user.

The rules have spontaneously changed - married people are no longer welcome there to find friends or people to hang out with.

As far as I can tell it is now exclusively a singles dating site.

I was redirected to - a cheating web site - when I tried to re-register. (kickback?) Not what I was looking for. I can't complain much - I never gave them any money or info correct enough for an identity thief.

Pretty sure they just "New Coke"'d themselves right out of business.

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