Buffalo, New York
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I have had at least a dozen scammers on this site. I have reported names and phone numbers to POF and fraud alerts.

The site does not screen well enough. People say they live in your area but do not, often share pics, life stories, even passport photos, which can also be fake. I had one guy who was exceptionally good, and didnt ask me for anything for months, and these guys will want transfers of 100s of thousands of dollars. This guy wanted me to open a bank account in Spain that he would drop money into and then I would make transfers.

I have done so much research to protect myself. When you dont do what they want some get very mean, others will try again even months later.

It is so draining of your time and heart. Make sure you talk to someone on phone number that matches your area and where they say they live, and meet, before you get emotionally involved.

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