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Every time I try to set up my resume; I all most get finished. I've taken a long time to fill it out.

I tell the truth about the question. How meny children my parents have together I said 5. Then next question asks what number sibling are you? I said number 6.I explain latter, in my message, that I'm number 6 because I am adopted into the family.

I'm the last one. I'm the baby. Then later, whom it's time to submit my application, a green box pops up saying, if you have 5 siblings, & your number 6, how can that be? Explain.

Then I push OK box I try to explain. It still pops up saying the same thing. It never lets me move neon that. This is suppose to be there only free app.

I really want to meet the perfect one for me out there.

I'm tired of being alone. Can some one on your end help me get through this, so I can start checking out men?

Product or Service Mentioned: Pof Website.

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I met my awesome man on pof March of 2015 and life is amazing. There are look of different fish out there. Btw it took me 8 years and only actually met a handful.

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