I was talking to this man back an forth and then I noticed he had another pof account, same name only difference was he added two numbers on the end of his name, profiles were very similar, well I mentioned this two him an asked and him he denied it, then all of a sudden the one profile picture changed two a completely different man, but profile and everything was generally the same, it’s like he got freaked out when I mentioned this to him an went an put some other mans picture up.., is this okay to do? He has my phone number now from when we first starting talking, he is acting as if he knows nothing about what is going on but is saying that each separate emails are his, in which he obviously has control over ,now today I noticed I can not see his one account so I’m wondering if he blocked me, the other account the one with the picture that is not him still shows up, I would greatly appreciate if this problem could be addressed, this is giving the website a horrible name with people like this, he obviously has some sort of issues an isn’t taking the site seriously, these attachments I am sending are showing it’s him “Brandonmorrish73”but he clearly changed the picture, the picture with him an that baby is really him, if you then go an look at his other pof account “brandonmorrish“

Product or Service Mentioned: Pof Profile.

Store Location: Dearborn, Michigan

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