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*******BEWARE F R A U D !!!!!!!!

I have been having problems with POF for the first time in a 13 yrs. Problem was, the people I was talking to were not getting my messages.

When I would text them, I would go back to verify, if I could see my text message to them and could not. therefore, I jumped on google to find pof customer support, even thought I exhausted emailing the at csr@pof.com and had no answer. Turned out the #'s were bogus except for one. Here's where it get interesting.

The number came up POF SUPPORT 1877-601-1845 & in addition 1888-883-1222. They were foreigners from "supposedly" Fresno California. You can hear their "foreign Pakistan, possibly" accents. I proceeded to explain the problem above, that I was having.

They asked for you name. Naturally, I understand why, then DOB, which I was hesitant about. Then asked you if you how many computer do you have? then asked what is it, mac, dell etc.,, Following, he instructed that I need pay a $4.00 and change fee for verification and protection of the pof account.

I said that's unheard of but, went along with it. He instructed me to take a picture front and back on my cell phone of my drivers license. Which, hesitantly, asked me to give him a Debit card, and then he would charge the small fees that would be "refunded " to me. He then said that, he needed my paypal account bcs, my bank was not allowing the payment/s of small fees to go through.

He had control of my computer and opened up paypal and instructed me to type my password. then it went dark and the computer went black with writing in white that "computer is being worked on", I started to yell and was upset that he was a "SCAM", However, too late, he had all my info. Well, the individual, who went by the name of Jason Green, from POF support hijacked my computer completely. As soon as the computer regained the background applications, he hung up on me.

Meanwhile, I checked POF SITE, still nothing worked. I called him as I was checking my paypal, found he billed me for $55. some change, and I asked to speak to him. I believe, it was him, but he wouldn't give me his name and when, I said, "what the *** did you do POF does not work?

You're a scam" he replied "what do you want me to do, *** YOU, is that what you want?" All this has been recorded. Thank God!. I currently am taking steps to protect myself. BEWARE!!!!

share your experiences? And does, darn POF have an actual #'s that works??

they say "out of circuit, try your call later" never works! FRAUD***** BEWARE!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pof Profile.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You called a fake number plentyoffish doesn’t have their number on google.

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