He tells no truths! Supposedly owns several companies, has to travel for work as an umpire?

Lies about car accidents, facial surgery, and involves family! Lives in Az and Colorado!

Will even meet your children to put you at ease! Total ***

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LOL, Good ole Eric. Now he’s making his way around Bumble.

Serial dater as well as liar. Beware ladies!!!

Trust me, you’re only missing about 5 inches on a good day. Run the other way!


Lol...sad but oh so true!!!


He said one of you had kids that are all in rehab or messed up on drugs and that all off you wanted to *** him after one date. What type of woman would do that.


What type of man would hear all that and still be willing to *** them?


Yeah he told me one of you is married and living with her husband still. One of you works as a cashier at a grocery store and is on fetlife and wanted him to *** on you.


Oh give me a break!!! Like you've never done that!.!

He doesn't "date"...hes in it just for sex. Scary that you see these comments, see his old pics and yet- you are obviously seeing or have seen him...well, he will start lying to you as well. Actually, he already has.

You do realize that your not the only woman that he is currently seeing AND sleeping with don't you? If you believe what he has told you, you not only sound dumb.......


Hello Ladies, Please read the below. Be careful of jrg11.

His real name is John Ross Green and he's from New Lenox, IL. He claims to be a musician. He's really just a middle-age teenager looking for sex. No really.

He's a 44 year old teenager. He speaks like a kid, acts like a kid, dresses like a kid. Thinks of himself as cool. At 44.

He claims he has an associates degree. He has less than an education then he claims. It's apparent with the way the guy speaks that he's never read a book a day in his life. As for his work life?

He's just a painter masquerading as a home remodeler. When asked "What can you do as a home remodeler?"; his answer was: "I can only paint without supervision. I can't do floors, I can't do plumbing, and I can't do electrical." His profile doesn't say much now because he isn't a catch. He's looking for someone to care for him.

He doesn't read, he doesn't speak well, he has no interests outside of himself. His world is so small, he only sees himself as the center of the Universe. If you say you have an interest in a particular subject, he'll parrot you and claim he has the same interest without knowing anything about the subject. After a date with this guy, he'll most likely ask for sex by doing this: He'll look into your eyes as if he is interested in a relationship, open up his mouth and say in a teen age sounding voice: "Do you want to hang out?" That's how he asks for sex.

His photos look a lot better than he does in person. This is because he cleans up the photos to make himself look more appealing, and physically muscular. He has no muscular structure what-so-ever. He's scary skinny, as in, he looks emaciated in person.

His profile photos are black and white to hide his extremely crooked teeth. In no way am I saying "judge the cover of the book". What am I saying is the cover of the book is "War and Peace" while the interior is really "How to be Honey Boo Boo". That is what this guy is doing with his photos and profile.

He's not what he claims. He's no catch.

If you have had sex with man, please get tested. The fact that he is frighteningly skinny is a possible sign that something might be wrong.


So sorry you wasted any time on this loser. Thank you for the warning.

Unfortunately, there are other guys lime this one out there, but at least you have put him on blast. Good luck with your search!


I’ve known him over two years he’s a crazy stalker


As of 8/16/18, he is still denying and lying about everything! Says he has not dated anyone in last 2 yrs, but then says comments are from women that he dumped. Possibly he stopped taking his medication?


How about text messages. Including one from the other night that came out of nowhere.

That's the only reason I actually checked back on here again. I was curious if he tried to reach back out to you again. I cut off the date but you can still see that it was Aug 3rd I believe. Like I said you can take it or leave it.

In my recent convo with him I made mention of "Susie".

I'm not even sure if that's your real name. Needless to say, denied.


You cut date off of what? And yes, I have spoken to him...also denied dating anyone for last 2 years.


Not to sound rude, but that's your mess now. You can have it!

Ask yourself this... Why would I lie? Especially if I want nothing more to do with him. What purpose does it serve to for me to tell you all this other than I happen to finally search his name under - "Eric 40, POF" He was on POF at the time we met and I had caught him on Tinder last summer.

So I figured I'd see what came up, and this is what I found. I could give not 1 *** about this guy anymore.

With that being said I won't be responding or wasting anymore energy on him. Take care and best of luck.


He’s has 20 numbers now that he’s contacted me I always reblock him then he gets a new one again


I thought I was dating him from Feb up until this past weekend when I blocked him. Caught him in so many lies but gave him the benefit if doubt. What a piece of ***


Would love to get in touch! I had dated him for over 2 yrs up until 2 months ago.

I knew something was off about him but I chose to be trusting. God what an idiot I was.

I'm curious how much you know about him and when you dated or whatever it was. Please reach out back here.


Wow! I too thought I was dating him from approx.

Feb till this past weekend when I blocked him...caught him in so many lies but gave him the benefit of the doubt. What a piece of ***


Obviously we were both wrong. I'm curious if you've been to his house?

I'm really wondering if you were Mon, Wed, Friday? I'm j/k about the days but seriously where and when? I had finally just had enough with the way our relationship was going. Not even "Love you" was doing it for me.

I knew he was a liar the minute he came in the bathroom looking only for his phone. Anyway...

I'm done for good. 2 years + of his stupid "Hi babe", "Hi sexy" one line texts and hardly never phone conversations, is long enough.


I'm sorry that you wasted 2 years on him! I too got the one word texts...hi sexy, the babe...he told me he owns a house on Jomax supposedly that he rents out, also said he has 3 horses, home in Colorado.

I did go to his house, once there he said it's a friend's house (female) and he house sits rent free because she's rarely in town.

It's pitiful that someone would do this to anyone, knowing hurt people without a second thought! He's a pathological liar period.


Omg same here

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