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I have been on and off your site for 4 or 5 yrs.

I have had lots of messages and have agreed to meet only 15 men over this time.

Some only are in it to use you for sex . I met 5 of them!

In fact I should have blocked them,reported them and in fact 2 should have been charged by the police.

I stupidly didn't report them.

Others I just didn't fancy on seeing them and going for a coffee or meal .

One guy used to turn up at the weekend, have a meal,then leave after breakfast. He would disappear for 3 weeks thenreturn.He took real advantage of me He never seemed to have any money even if outfor a meal etc.I got to the point where I felt taken for a real mug so end of that one.

Luckily I have at last met someone who shares all my interests, has a good sense of humour ,and I find attractive too! Ihave my fingers crossed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pof Online Dating.

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Everything you just said has 1, nothing to do with the company, and 2 is self absorbed. If guys are just in it for sex, that doesn't mean you should report them, it just means you should ignore them.

Not only is that neither against the rules nor illegal, it's none of your business. If you don't want to *** with strangers, you aren't obligated to, but you shouldn't go around saying they should be reported to the police and things like that, what they want to do with their lives is their business.

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