---------- Forwarded Hi my name is Brandon Beard I have been permanently blocked from Plentyoffish.com and I don't understand why? I have done plenty of research on line and Hundrunds if not Thousands of people are experiencing the same thing you people seem to throw away the baby with the bath water and don't even question why this is {{Redacted}} type behavior why can't you email your clients first explain to them there's a issue and give them a chance to explain their versions of events?

I'm a fully trained Nurse my job is to help people and someone I have spoken to on pof has obviously not liked me and filed a fake complaint against me.

My email address is brandonbeard1977@gmail.com and my user names were Australian077, Matrix077 and Whisperingjack077 could you please sort this issue out with me as I don't understand? Thanking you kindly Kind regards Brandon Beard

Product or Service Mentioned: Pof Account.

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