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My name is Marcus Gore I did one month of that 19.99but I go to look at my email this morning how y'all take another 19.99 out on meI didn't want to do it again I did it for one month for a reason this app stinks there's nothing but scams on here none of these women are for real they ain't even serious it's all fake and a host I would like my money back least what y'all just took out I don't care about the other one because I did get a month free trial on that *** and it was wasting my money but I'm not going to sit here and pay another $20 when it ain't going to get me nowhere so y'all cause my bank account to overdraft I do not appreciate that I never gave you a permission to do it that's why I only get the one month and trial just to see if it was worth doing which it was not I am dissatisfied with this whole daggone thing because nothing is real next app I got proof to back it up all these women are as nothing but jokes all they want is money cards gift cards whatever it ain't nothing serious about dating so I would like my money to go back on that account because I do not appreciate this application whatsoever I won't even recommend nobody to go into this fake crap so please email me back cuz I do want that money back in my account I'm not going to pay another 19.99 I wouldn't recommend this to nobody it's all fake out of a hundred or more women I talked to not one was real not one if they weren't they never contacted me and I'm not going to sit there and pay money for tokens when I've already spent twenty bucks and it didn't even get me know where y'all can find me a real woman we might can talk but there ain't no real woman on the office I'm not paying another month for garbage

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