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I downloaded plenty fish about a week ago because im new to the dating world and *** is the new age. Anyway they make it look like you have to pay 20 bucks to sign up for the extras, which is a fine reasonable price considering the 20 is the new 1 dollar bill.

They make it a 60 day sign up so you actually have to pay 39 bucks. Whatever i can over paying an extra 20 but its still annoying/misreading. So paying to the extras you can see who "wants to meet you" aka swiped right. You can also see whoes viewing your profile.

You can message anyone on this app that is standard. Youll do the typical bio and your stats and upload all your cool pictures as usual for any dating thing. You can serch people in your area but they wont pop up in when your swiping which is stupid. After 17 notifications from this app of all these girls who wanna meet me are robots or have some porno/webcam website *** No ones *** real.

And the ones that are real are 75 *** miles away or in a different state. My search is only up too 6 miles. This app is complete *** There is no way to contact them. No number and your emails will never be answered.

*** that and *** them. This app is pure garbage

Product or Service Mentioned: Pof Online Dating.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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What is going on there is Plenty Of Fish creates these scam profiles and sends you a notification. You click the link in your email and it brings you to a Plenty Of Fish Profile that is supposedly interested in you.

When you click the link in your email and it loads the Plenty Of Fish Profile webpage it also loads advertisements that Plenty Of Fish is getting paid to display. The whole thing was a scam to get you to load a webpage so they get paid for the advertisements.

They make millions upon millions of dollars through these scams. Then you have people that subscribe and still get their profile deleted, and their bank gets charged again at renewal time even though they have been deleted and cut off from accessing the website.

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