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some one has hacked my account, I can not sign in, it will not take my username

or my pass word, so what do I do? says my email is not valid, some

one is using my username and changed my password even tried to open an new account, it want let me, what do I do to get another account, I do have some very nice ladies on here that I was talking with, now I can't get back in touch with them, plenty of fish should have a way that people could let them know about their account being hacked, so plenty of fish must not care about it's users,but I have tried now for a week, can not

find any help from plenty of fish, so hoping this will help me, i would be

much appreciated if I could get back on site so I can talk with my friends,


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

POF Pros: Up until my account got hacked.

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Same! Usrnm pswrd not working and no recovery email sent.....


Got my refund and closed account and no more notifications. I'm outta here!


My account just got hacked too. I just emailed them to try to get it figured out, but this post is not encouraging.


I emailed csr@pof.com they were able to delete the account for me after confirming it had been compromised.


how long did it take them to respond? they can certainly delete my account that would make me feel 100 times better lol


I agree. No one from POF will respond to my questions. I cannot log on to my account.


My account was definitely hacked. My profile was changed from male to female and my uploaded pictures were deleted.

Luckily, I was able to quickly close the account.

I do not trust POF, neither should anyone else. The website is saturated with scammers and stolen pictures.


Same here F—- POF!!! NOT SECURE


This just happened to me. I started getting a bunch of message alerts on my phone.

I checked and realized someone else was sending messages from my account. A lot of messages within a few minutes. They also edited my profile and took down my pics.

Then I was kicked out completely. Never using POF again.


I was wondering why i was getting hits on my profile, turns out someone is using it. Gonna delete it while i'm still logged in because apparently there is no saving it once the password changes.


My pof account was hacked. Since my password has been changed how do I delete this account.


Send an email to csr@pof.com. They will delete it.

Whitney Clark

No longer will be using this website. Took all measures to keep account secure.

Apparently it's super common to get hacked. Its super embarrassing and POF does not care. You will loose all your contacts and be forced to start a new account.

If you do manage to find your old contacts, they will most likely think you your a scammer after getting emails from your old account. Cant blame them since there are so many scammers and hackers on this website


I was hacked today. I can't find a number or a working POF email.

It was shut off for years and I have NO IDEA who updated it.

They changed my email so I can't get in! This is a nightmare.

Whitney Clark

Pof wont give your your account back not let you on to delete your hacked profile. Your contacts will be lost and you have to start all over.

It's common to get hacked, even if you are taking extreme measures to protect yourself. It's a bad website and should be avoided .


The email address to report your issue to is CSR@PlentyofFish.com, but just consider your profile gone and lost. All they will do is "stop the bleeding", and delete it for you. At least the emails coming into your inbox announcing that you have new messages will cease.


they may not even do that, cause the hacker changed the email, they say I am not the owner of the profile...even though I have a ton of xxxx(bots) want to meet you emails


had this happen to me (Sat 10/12)..someone hacked and "updated" my info..the notification was sent to the spam folder (cause POF sends so many mass emails) and I only saw it this morning (10/14)..too late to save my account so far...it's likely already been deleted for spamming by POF, but I contacted them anyway around 11a,, only received the high volume email (Likely they were hacked and a bunch of user/pass were stolen causing the high volume) I didn't have a lot of personal info listed, but did have a few contacts I was keeping up with...


Having the same issue as we speak.

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