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some one has hacked my account, I can not sign in, it will not take my username

or my pass word, so what do I do? says my email is not valid, some

one is using my username and changed my password even tried to open an new account, it want let me, what do I do to get another account, I do have some very nice ladies on here that I was talking with, now I can't get back in touch with them, plenty of fish should have a way that people could let them know about their account being hacked, so plenty of fish must not care about it's users,but I have tried now for a week, can not

find any help from plenty of fish, so hoping this will help me, i would be

much appreciated if I could get back on site so I can talk with my friends,


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

POF Pros: Up until my account got hacked.

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It’s so aggravating! And it’s even more aggravating that POF doesn’t care enough to fix the problem. Heck, even some acknowledgement would go a long way rather than some automated email explaining things as though it was our fault that our account was showing “suspicious behavior.”


It's an inside job. Workers at POF are hacking into people's accounts and doing shady shiit to them.


I guess it's safe to say tht pof is done and over with.....mine got hacked last week...u wud think tht they wud have shut this hacking *** down or even have better security...well I've learned my lesson I'm done wit pof


I was hacked too. There is no way for me to contact Pof about it.

I can't log into my account because my password has been changed. This site should not exist because of the hackers and terrible customer service on pof part.


Same thing happening to me now


I was hacked today. Can’t log in.

Can’t reset password. 9-29-19


My account was hacked also on 9/26/2019 they even tried to log in to my email that is linked to Pof and google alerted me I’m pissed ofc because my pictures n people I met I emailed Pof and no response


My newly created POF account has been hacked. I’ve had it less than 2 days and now I cannot log in.

When I ask them to reset my password (even though I know it’s correct) I NEVER GET AN EMAIL TO DO SO! I am concern and worried for what is going on, on the other end. I do not get notifications or emails. I opted out of that.

So now that I need to log in, and recover my account. I am unable to.

Please advise. I did just send an email to PR@POF.com


My account was just hacked this morning by someone who tried to scam me. I tried to change my password but that didn’t work and create a new account but that didn’t work either so I reached out to pof haven’t heard anything back besides them saying you have unusual behavior going on, well that’s because I was hacked.

When I try to reset my password I get the email but it’s say that username or password is incorrect but it’s not. I haven’t been receiving emails since this happened this morning


Just had my account hacked. Had hundreds of messages all of a sudden via my emails, I had not logged in for 24 hours and in that time it had been hacked and hundreds of people contacted, both male and female.

I read some of the messages and it's scary how people get hooked in. They must be looking to exploit people via extortion (black mail). The amount of people that must commit suicide because of this scam must be in the hundreds if not thousands. Basically they will be looking at getting them to post nude pics of themselves and then demanding money off them or else they publish them to their family.

If this has happened to you, don't worry about it, at the end of the day everybody has kinky secrets so just hold your head high and laugh it off, it's not worth killing yourself over it. I've just deleted my account, will never go back on there, too risky.


My account was hacked as well. I had a free account for years but the other day decided to upgrade to 3 months.

I was at work so signed up at about 5:30 am and by 9:45 and 9:47 the information was all changed including the password. I was busy working so didn't notice the update info e-mails until much later. I then started getting messages from people in all parts of the country. So they are using my upgraded account to spam other users.

What is crazy is how they knew that my account had been upgraded that morning and then hacked it or at least knew the passwords or had the ability to reset.

I contacted Visa and they can't get my money back because the service is active. I created another account so I could contact pof but no news back yet from them.


Yep me two second time this happened . I am a male with a male profile with 10 woman pictures of same girl.

All these replies are coming from men. My profile is long and has not been touched. I had no pictures on took a break a month ago came back today and woman pictures and all guys are contacting me. This person has even responded to them telling them she is a escort and do they want to *** This is crazy the first time is free.

Thank god I never gave my credit card info...

and my pictures were taken down already. Good luck everyone but I am outa here...


Mine too


Mine too


Mine was hacked too..I think i got it deleted and I emailed pof but they couldn't care less. All I got back from them was automated email that told me nothing. That's ok all I was being contacted by were scammers anyway


Is there a SteadfastSandLizard215 out here?


I was HACKED woke up with TONS of notifications I was highly confused and pissed off deleted my entire account and it wouldn’t even let me delete without saying if I met Someone


I've been in contact with POF through email and they have provided me links to reset my password with new Username to use for login also. I'm able to reset my password, but when I use it to login with my new Username or even my old one, I still can't login. So, I'm still trading emails with them.


What email address are you using to contact POF?


I was just hacked too! Phone was going off like crazy with notifications from people messaging me.

Annoying! The hacker even changed my profile pic and everything!

Grrrrrrr! Pissed!

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