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i recently was deleted for unknown reasons, i,m an accomplished intelligent gent, &am; considerate & polite at all times, no rhyme no reason was explained , perhaps i responded in a gentlemanly kind to a sarcastic sad case ,frankly i,m not sure, i,m in the legal field & am; would welcome a class action case for discrimination against pof, which is illegal, should you wish justice as well, kindly respond,i requested explanation ,was ignored completely ,i then informed them that a class action would most probably follow, i would welcome other varied or similar complaints against this dictatoeial unreasonable apparently affected Mr. Markus, pls feel free to wite to have this discriminatory attitude corrected, thank you all,

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Location: Montreal, Quebec

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My name is Gary good news Yeah seems like every couple months they close me out and I forget my password because I change my email address and password so all of those friends that I associate with her gone and it sucksAnd there’s no way to get a hold of POF to respond to any Misunderstandings against them


I have had profiles on and of for the past 10 years on pof without a problem until yesterday when i went to establish a profile. Why o why can i no longer be in pof?

I struggled with the security captcha codes for a long time but finally seemed to have established a connection but it was brief as i got most of my profile set up and going for beginninf stages and planned on coming back to work on it further later as I had other duties to do and I did spend such a long time initially trying to click on all the street signs, buses, etc for an extreme amount of time as the system was supposedly determining if i was a human or not. I did a few short messages, one which sticks out in my mind in particular because I had wanted to report the user to admin. I had i itially blocked him not thinking it through until later. I sent an email to pof about this but have yet to have heard a reply here is the email sent to csr@***f" am hoping you can help me locate a user that I would like to report but can not find.

Any chance of you being able to assist? Thank you! I located a phone number and called to talk to members of your team that told me that my account was being hacked somehow in North Dakota. The account was deleted but I am still wondering if there is a way to locate a rude member who had a dog for a profile pic that attempted to lure me off of this site and when I did not take the advances he then decided to say that he was unsure how to use POF and that he had no idea how the pic of the dog got there and no idea how to remove it and no idea how to put up a real profile pic of himself and didn't want to be using POF in the first place but didn't know how to delete his account at all.

I found him to be full of lies and attempting to scam me in some manner that was strange as it seemed if he didn't want his account he would be working to get it deleted as he stated he wanted, not continue using it as he was rather instead. I refused to take his phone number to lure me off of your site which was the first thing he wanted to do. I spoke to my friend about this guy later and she recommended to report him to POF directly along with the blocking feature..however, it seems I was unable to do this because my account was being hacked. At any rate, can you please help me to look into this matter as I do find that it was quite out of the ordinary message and I must not be the only one because he got a bit upset when I told him I didn't believe much of what he was saying.

It seems other women have told him the same thing as he must be using these same lines on many women, which is also disturbing! Thank you for any help you can offer, I think it is greatly worth while to look into this matter to see just what this gentleman is up to for the sake of all women! Thank you again for your time and attention to caring for the safety of the women on this site!" Today i located a phone number 888-441-**** a pof representative answered and i told him the issue of not being able to access my account. He said it looked like my vpn was being used in North Dakota and wanted to have remote access to my computer, i denied that and asked my account be removed so I could establish a new one and he said ok and ended the phone call.

All this, and I just want to gave access to my account and from what I read POF believes that I am so much a criminal now that I must have been banned that I wont even get an explanation, I won't get any arbitration nor will anyone even listen to me. According to what i have read POF only has time for members who follow the rules, which is hurtful because in no way did I ever intend to brwak rules, I have no idea what rule (s) I broke, if any, and I can't find 1 single sole to care as I see many nany others are in the cery same position. As a reputable company we have a voice and there may be errors going on that need to be addressed rather than ignored as is obvious by the shier number of people speaking on the same subject, in the same time frame, surrounding similar circumstances. Is it possible that I could please be heard, help me understand how this has gone astray.

Is it an internal error, is it a misunderstanding, is it confusion, is it something we can fix? It seems to me listening, understanding, and fixing if possible is a grest way to find resolution. I would be most happy to know there is resolution into the profile I wanted to report, I am sure women everywhere will be protected because of it, and i would love to know about the phone number I called, is that a pof phone number or are they using your name to gain access into peoples personal computers for financial fraudulent gain, and why has my account disappeared after 10 years of being a part of pof?

Please respond and help! Thank you!

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