I had a sarcastic interaction with a disrespectful woman on the dating site. I was deleted and she was not.

Both of us said about equally sarcastic things. Men outnumber women on the site by a huge amount. I feel I was not treated equally because of the high excess of men and shortage of women. I opened a new account using another computer.

Later, I logged on with the the original computer they delete me again. They track the computer IP.

It may also be the case that they have some software that can recognize the photo and delete it later. I paid someone to take photos and the money was wasted with the new photos that were deleted.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Location: Plano, Texas

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They can get your ip address. With modern website technology they can also tell what device you are onwhether it's a mobile or a pc.

They probably log about 4 or 5 things unique to your device. Most likely serial number or MAC address. These people are deleting profiles on purpose with automated routines that do not discriminate.

If you are a man and a woman complains about you on there, you get deleted, get blocked too many times deleted, copy paste messages deleted, create your profile too fast because you copy and paste or just type real fast deleted. There fake profiles with links to adult content, those don't get deleted because people click those and that click generates ad revenue.


i signed up for POF date site, had lots of people msg. me, last week was crazy, I'm 67, dont look it, had about 10 requests from men 21 to late 50's, I dont have that age criteria as wanting to be contacted.

I always msg, thanks, but not interested. POF sent me email stating their policy, said no contact should be between 14 years age gap younger or older. So, I'm not looking at them, why are they allowed to msg. me?

Since then, i have received no contact from anyone, and I always had some everyday. MARKUS, whoever the *** he is, I sent email stating this, no reply, cant locate a customer service number anywhere for them. Its a rip off, a free one, but rip off just the same.

I am on another site, had some sucess, match.com charges, but they do have a very helpful and accessible customer service human being if you need one. So, i am going to shut down my POF profile, older but wiser, beware.

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