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Have been a customer there for awhile now, on 2 occasions. Both times I was a member, I had a paying membership for well over half my time on there. Never had any issues before, and I never violated any of their TOS rules.

Last year, I noticed they were sending out fake "meet me" requests. I had received several of those "meet me" notices from women. I had reached out to a couple of them because I was interested as well, only to find out that they never sent those requests. I also realized they were being sent to women on my behalf, without my permission. I also started noticing I was receiving many emails that simply said, "hey there :) ". I noticed that every time I got one of these, the person who supposedly sent them, never even viewed my profile. I contacted POF about this, and they flat out denied it, even though I have chatted with many members who are having the same problem.

My most recent issue, I was having a normal conversation with someone, and suddenly I was logged out. I tried logging in, and it wouldn't allow me back in. I tried resetting my password, and it said my email didn't exist in their database. I tried signing back up with the same email, it wouldn't let me. Finally, I was able to make a new profile with a different email. There was zero trace of my previous profile. I've emailed multiple times, asking for an explanation, and I've received zero response. After reading the complaints on this site and others, it sounds like Markus is a total hypocrite, and it's his way or the highway. I think everyone should boycott his site. I think it's ridiculous that there are so many fake profiles on there, and they send out bogus emails. A boycott and drastic drop in income from sponsors will rattle his cage

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The owner "Markus" has a "my way or the highway" approach. You'll get deleted for no good reason. I'd advise to stay away from POF.


I've never used this POF site, but after reading this complaint I looked at the "terms" link on the bottom of their homepage and found this wording...


We may, in our sole discretion, terminate or suspend Your access to all or part of the Service at any time, with or without notice, for any reason, including, without limitation, breach of this Agreement.

Sounds to me like the owner is on a power trip...but just my opinion from reading reviews on here.

Please, EVERYONE, always read TOS (or the like) for any online site you choose to sign-up with.

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