Scroggins, Texas

I was in POF reading my messages from contacts got out of app and tried going back in at which time was showing my d username and I put my password in and it read invalid so removed old username and put new one in same reading appeared so tried to change password and it read email not in database. I felt I had been hacked at that point so it bring on a Sunday registered once again and used same username and password and got in and 2 days later samething happened...

I contacted POF and they sent me a email stating my

Account had been closed...

I'm very upset about this as I did not break any terms but yet was not even contacted by phone to discuss my concerns as one minute everything was okay and then poof...

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Mine was hacked this morning. Took a screen shot where the idiot gave out her phone and email. Sent to POF and messaged her and told her I knew what she was doing.


I have been acted and she is reaching out to all these people pretending to be me .. I need deleted this account ... any advice ?


how can i contact of? It keeps leading me to a link but there i nothing there.

have signed up twice and both times my account has been deleted. What is the of contact?



I was hacked the same way and POF is not doing anything in the worst thing is there CEO admitted getting hacked somehow I'm getting all these phone calls from a private line or restricted line are they using a TextNow line and they're calling me and the worst thing is they're texting the other person that you're chatting with and they think it's actually you when in fact it's not I can't log back into my account anymore and I'm not going to set up another account to have it hacked again


My account was also hacked. I've been unable to connect with POF customer service.

Any advice would be appreciated.

My user name is Jsu43 if that makes any difference.



I am another unhappy really pissed off user of POF. I received an email that my username was change and for me to contact them if I didn't do this. So now it has been three days and still can't login and s till no response from POF


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