So I've had a pof account for less than a month. It seemed to be working well for meeting new people and I had hope for finding a woman to settle down with.

I was never rude, never uploaded or sent any nude pictures. Whoever runs this site is like a dictator in their little computer chair, just deleting accounts at random for no reason. Someone else said something about how if one of the lady's finds a man and settles down then they won't pay for their upgraded accounts because they won't need it anymore. They "found their fish", no longer need pof.

Its starting to make sense now when i see that the only people I've ever heard about who's accounts have been deleted are guys. I was meeting new people and getting to know a girl that I would have been great with. I go to login today and see what she wrote back only to find out my account has been deleted. Now I'll never know.

Thanks pof for wasting my time and deleting my account.

If anyone ever asks me about pof, my advice would be don't waste your time only to be let down and deleted. The people running the site are stepping way over the line with trying to control everyone on there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pof Account.

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I, too, had my account deleted from POF. However, I am a female.

I did not upload nude pictures nor was I rude to anyone. I responded in a nice way to everyone that responded to me. I got to chatting with one guy , but we didn't have time to exchange phone numbers or email addresses. While I was chatting, the system deleted my account.

I'm sure he thinks I am very rude.

I've email POF with no response and can't set up another account. I was really starting to like the guy I met, too.


I am a female and I have not even had my POF for 24 hours and I had nothing inappropriate on it and mine was just deleted for no reason. I am quite frustrated.


Maybe its something recent but my account suddenly disapeared on June25th for no reason that I know of and I cant even create another profile as it wont let me


I signed up to POF one week ago. I'd been a member once before but deleted my account.

After I decided to join again I met a couple of people and was having some good conversations. Then, for no reason my account was deleted and I was unable to sign up again. I finally found an email address to complain to and received a reply saying it had been a mistake and I could sign up again. I did so and contacted the people I'd been writing to and apologised.

Then, two days later my account was deleted by POF again ...

Totally hopeless ...


Seriously *** this app, deletes for no reason once again after 2 hours and putting zero offensive *** in my information. Won't install ever again, giant waste of time.

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