POF is a Canada-based company. They feel they do not have to follow US based consumer protection laws.

Not only are they killing accounts, but these accounts are not fully dead. My pictures are still up under another name. This issue is bigger than a little bit. It's time to get the State Department involved.

I am just trying to see where to submit all my complaints at.

I am bringing this up to Canada as well, because I doubt Canada would support a company stealing photos and info, cancelling the owners accounts, and then they keep the hacked accounts. I hope people keep discussing this issue so we can get this resolved fully.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pof Account.

Reason of review: Fraudulent business practices.

Monetary Loss: $60000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

POF Pros: Has been good up till now.

POF Cons: Being blocked for no reason, Inability to contact customer service, Account deleted for no reason.

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Any luck with this? If you have not yet sent POF a letter, I encourage you to simply mention the FCC.

The FCC would be very interested in this, and ordinarily, the mere mention of an FCC complaint gets companies to jump - and fast! I say ordinarily because if I am not mistaken, POF is in Canada, and I am not sure if the FCC has any jurisdiction.


For some reason I can't sign into my account no more I got no explanation I do not know what is going on it worked perfectly fine 2 days ago then all of a sudden it says wrong password wrong username I want to know what is going on

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