Update by user Feb 19, 2018

It wasn't resolved. I don't expect to hear from them at all and I don't want to spend another second thinking about them. Those people who run POF aren't worth it at all.

Update by user Feb 19, 2018

I've decided that POF is not worth another second of thought. So I am going to mark this as resolved.

Original review posted by user Feb 18, 2018

I created an honest and legitimate profile stating right up front that I am a trans feminine person and that anyone, based on my pictures (most men only look at pictures) who was interested in contacting me should google it to make sure they understood what it meant before contacting me. POF only offers account holders two buckets, Male and Female.

I live 24x7 as a woman and have been on HRT for many years. I consider myself heterosexual. During the past three weeks, when I heard from men interested in contacting me and where it was obvious they hadn't read my profile, I would simply ask them to make sure they've read my full profile before any further correspondence. Within the three weeks of my time on POF, I had heard from well over 100 local men.

Many of our conversations were open, genuine and encouraging. I was only seeking a monogamous relationship with one person. I was not soliciting anything. During the three weeks I did receive a few mean emails but instead of responding I just blocked the user.

There were also an inordinate number of scammers (might be bots who knows) that I heard from as well. It seems now that POF is a great place for scammers and people who are out to hurt others versus real people who are just looking to connect with another nice person. In any case, I just deleted those. All in all the three weeks were a positive initial experience.

And then, last night I received a very mean intolerant email from a man who said that awful messed up people like me didn't belong on POF. He went on to say that the only place I belong is on *** and tranny sites. I had not contacted or emailed him nor had I ever contacted anyone before they had reached out to me. I discounted his email and blocked him from sending me any further correspondence.

I woke up this morning and my account was deleted. No warning, no justification, other than some random man last night letting me know that he thinks, that there is no place for people like me in "his" world and that he was going to do something about it. And there's no one and nothing I can do about it. Never to endorse or to recommend POF to Anyone, ever!

All I have to say is shame on "Plenty of Fish". I am a kind and attractive trans person who is compassionate and caring for others. Never says or does a bad thing to anyone. I am I am successful and have had positive impact in this world in all kinds of ways.

And all I ask for is to be treated like all people, with respect and common decency.

And POF does not treat people this way. Shame on you POF and I hope karma has its way with you and with those who seek to diminish the value that all trans people just like me deserve.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pof Account.

Reason of review: Your site does not state that transgender people are not allowed on your site.

POF Cons: How they treat transgender people like me.

Store Location: 757 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6C, Canada

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Jovan W

The same thing happened to me!!!!! I fully 100% believe that I keep getting deleted because I'm transgender I can go months without logging on and they'll tell me I had to go!!!! I'll even have homophobes block me and they'll punish me for being blocked , men will send me a kiss and then block me I don't even have to talk to anybody for months And I'm 86'd


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Been deleted too for being transsexual. Regardless of anti discrimination law their are laws that exist. Pof should be fined for this .


Mark is the guy who run pof and he blocks us because he don’t like trans ppl I’ve made over 100 acts and I’ve been banned just by looking for guys who already know we transgender

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