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I have had a POF profile on and off for two years now with no problems and now all of a sudden this month on June 20, 2017 my profile got hacked and I couldn't get into it at all Saint thing happened to a friend of mine a few days ago as well. Then my friend provided me with what she said she found to be the Pof customer service phone number and her being a responsible older business woman I took for granted that she got that number from a responsible source so I called it and I thought I was talking to plenty of fish IT so I went along with whatever they said gave them access to my computer they scared the *** out of me telling me that I've been hacked my whole computer and identity was about to be hacked then I knew something was wrong when they wanted to get $500-$1000 from me for their services and then they started to pressure me so I immediately called my Internet service sir and got them to get on my Computer and fix the problem and fix it so that those scammers cannot get back on my computer again I also changed all my passwords to anything necessary so people beware there is no customer service phone number for plenty of fish it is a scam and I detect a huge lawsuit for plenty of fish down the road because they are not being responsible and they are taking people's money for profiles and not even taking any care for these people and what's happening to these people!!!! I am going to call the police fraud department and find out from them who and where I need to contact to report all of this and report plenty of fish and I would encourage everyone else to do the same !!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pof Profile.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I can't get into my account ,seems like it been ***

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