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I can't get into my account it says wrong username or password and they're not wrong and when I put my email in i get nothing

I can't get into my account says wrong user and password and when I go to help desk I don't get any response to my email

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Kevin hello I am having problem get in my account I know my username and password but I do not remember the old cell phone number I used to verify on this account and can you help me if so email me the information or call me at 202-751-**** and you can ask me any question that may help resolve this issue and have a nice day today and thank you very much.
According to PlentyOfFish faq page if you have any issues logging into your account, you need to verify the spelling of your username and password before you try logging in again. 

If you forgot your username: Try logging in with the email address you used to sign up to POF instead of your username, and your usual password. Then, you can verify your username by clicking "My Profile". 

If you forgot your password: Click the 'Forgot your password?' link on the Sign In page to reset your password. 

If you do not receive POF password recovery email:

  • Please ensure you enter the email address associated with your POF profile.
  • Your profile may no longer be active on POF.
  • Your email provider blocked the email from POF before it reached your inbox. Please check your spam folder to make sure POF email wasn’t mistakenly flagged.

To ensure you receive POF’s emails:
  • Add donotrespond@***.com to your Address Book.
  • Never click on Report Spam on any POF emails.

If a message from POF is in your Spam folder:
  • Please remove POF from that folder by clicking "NOT SPAM".
  • Once you have added POF to your address book, you can retrieve your password on the 'Forgot your password?' page.

If you no longer have access to the email address you used to sign up to POF: You will not be able to retrieve your login information. If this is the case, please send an email to PlentyOfFish customer service at Csr@***.com to get further instructions.
hi i cant get in to my account it says wrong email or password pls cant u help
@PissedConsumer1438600 To Plenty Of Fish, I was bump off POF, my user name is bogiebogart602, They ask me for my password, but I don't remember, I need a new password, I try to call, POF, and everytime we try the work key, it didn't work, and they hang up on me, All I want is a new password, I have women emailing me, and I can't do nothing, Can you please help me. Michael Bogart, phone number # 518-642-****, Thank You.
I'm not receiving a response to change my password. I received a notification saying my account had been changed
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Cannot send messages

by Wanda L Hzn

When I try to reply to a message I type my message hit send and it just flashes . Just started today.

Can you fix this issue? Thank you

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Why can't I I acces my account?

by John B Kkp

I can't access my account. It says wrong email and or password and I know that they are both correct.

I'm very upset. Please advise.

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How do I cancel my subscription?

by Cain D Qtx

How do I cancel my subscription??

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Delete account

by Jeffery H Kwp

I can’t get into my account once again I want my account deleted I’m just done thank you have a nice day.

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Why can't I cancel my upgrade subscription

by Donna N Ieb

When I try to cancel it says access to this page is forbidden. I can still get online but I can't cancel my upgrade.

I can not afford to pay anymore. Please help me unsubscribe to the upgrade

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Can I delete my account?

by Shakaitla C

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I just want my photo taken of

by Natalie L Htl

I stopped pof dating but im still getting emails from men who like me i want it to stop completely and my photo and rofile taken of please im not very good online could you please help me

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Can other members see the purple crown in the corner of the main pic in my profile

by James P Akd

When I look through my sent messages my thumbnail pic has a purple crown in the corner that I did not put (nor do I want) there. Do the recipients of my messages see this crown?

I have sent quite a few messages to women through this forum, many of whom have "liked" me prior, some who have "liked" me multiple times. Yet my messages go unread.

I can't help but think that this crown ( if viewable by others) is a deterrent to viewing as it creates the impression of neediness. Please advise.

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Does your website offer video chat?

by Chris M Bbk

I have been sent a link by four different women, and after I entered my info, my card was charged to an escort/online dating site. Please let me know whether or not POF offers a video chat.

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Why did my account get removed

by Paul S Tki

It said I violated something but I didn't violate anything that I know of I never talked to anyone or sent any nude photos

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How lobg to reset password

by Regina H Swc

How long to reset my phone number

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How can I get a upgrade my screen is not wide enough to accept the information

by Gary F Blk

When I try to upgrade I run out of space and can't get all the information written down.

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How can I get my refund

by Felton K

Card was used fraudulently... My bill money is gone.

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How can I unblock a member?

by Diane L Pzx

I accidentally blocked a friend.. please help!

Diane Lunden 917 834 **** I dont have any more to write .. why do I have to write 100 words...

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I need a copy of one of my ultimate matches when I had an account with you guy

by Anna t Ghh

I was a member of plenty of fish and you matched me with a young lady ....well we met in real life and I love her and plan on marrying her and I really would love to have a copy of where u had ultimate matched us while I was on your dating site to show her ...I really would appreciate it ...her name is Paula robin woods..this was about two years ago...thank you

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I canceled my subscription and slept charged for it

by Misty S Bza

How do I get a refund

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Password reset

by David A Wel

I’m trying to get my password reset without success, have tried about a dozen times for it to be reset , by asking for the reset email for which I have never received yours d.Allen

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Upgrade member

by Muslih A

I made a purchase last month for 1 month upgrade member plan and didn’t do anything for extension. This morning I have been charge for €19,99 for another month.. I want to cancel this if it’s set up .

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My card doesn’t work on your site? Why?

by Ludren V

Your site didn’t accept my debt card in the past I used debate cards and y’all took it

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