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I keep getting banned because Im a black female and that seems to be a big problem: yet, these 16 year olds are able to do whatever they please. POF is a sex trafficking site.

Believe it or not.

Thats why they keep trying to get rid of adults and let kids make fake accounts. Im trying to meet new people , not be demonized by weird *** people that control this APP/SITE.

User's recommendation: *** NO.

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I am a *** adult who has been on there for over 2 or 3 years. I have never thought of paying them.

I just go on to find energetic girls to come over and sit my kids. If interested. But POF does not allow any communications with a person of their age range. Such as if I sought a 25 year old lady to help with the kids (5) and search for that.

My age group is automatically changed to 38. Its like they are part of the population restriction growth. POF IS NOT A SITE AS YOU SAY. It has some crooks in it.

But its a family type site. Best wishes misses

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