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If POF is going to REQUIRE a member to upgrade now just to even wholly see who viewed their profile then POF should UPGRADE filtering WHO and HOW they permit a person to join. POF has people who just plain Catfish, men who degrade and verbally assault women, men who have no pictures, men who are just plain dangerous.

If POF wants to UPGRADE their site to compete with the larger dating or meeting sites then POF has to pull itself up out of the grudge and sludge of the bottom of that pond and SCREEN potential members for the safety and well being of their members.

POF is demanding potential members to pay. Well, POF has an obligation to put some of those funds toward designing and implementing a better vetting and screening process so a potential member will actually receive what they're paying for....an opportunity to meet another person actually interested in meeting another person vs an online venue to "hunt", offend, and verbally assault women.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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LOL... ANY woman on POF is worthless and should expect the nonsense this stupid site brings.

Why would you expect them to vet people? Who would you expect to vet people you met on the street? Stop being stupid, drop this haven for s l u t s and players, and move on while you can.

P.S. Real men will not take a woman seriously if they know she's been on POF..

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